Computer and Technology

Why Invest in Smart Garage Door?

Garage doors back then were just simple doors that merely use for opening and closing. Then innovation developed an automatic garage door that lets you control your door with a remote controller. Fast forward today, garage doors have merged with technology that the result was a Smart Garage Door. With the world slowly becoming smart, […]

How To Solve Your Security Problems With High-tech Security

Home burglary is one of the most common threat we may be faced with and can occur to any homeowner in the US every 15 seconds. This awful situation usually happens when homeowners aren’t home and without proper security system installed. Do you get that anxiety when you realize when you forget to bring your […]

What is Google Balloon?

If you’re in an unfamiliar remote rural area and you need to use your phone for internet access, where can you receive internet when the place has no internet at all? Simple, connect to the internet that is provided by the balloon above you. Many people think that the whole world is connected to the […]