Why Invest with a Smart Garage Door

Garage doors back then were just simple doors that merely use for opening and closing. Then innovation developed an automatic garage door that lets you control your door with a remote controller. Fast forward today, garage doors have merged with technology that the result was a Smart Garage Door. With the world slowly becoming smart, […]

Ingestible Robots

Have you ever thought of eating a robot? It’s safe to think that the question doesn’t make any sense, but in the future, there could be a chance that humanity will be eating robots not as a source of energy but for the sake of health and medicine. Researchers from MIT have been developing and […]

Smart Glasses: What are they and what do they do?

Glasses were believed to be invented between 1268 and 1289. They were usually worn by monks and scholars. And when books became a thing and are made for everyone to read, new designs were made and began the mass production of glasses. Glasses were designed to correct and improve different types of vision problems. Some […]